Thursday, July 29, 2010

New date advice?

Just looking for some advice on a relationship from some people: I met this girl a couple weeks ago and talked almost everyday when I would see her at work. Well at the end of the week I finally asked her to hangout over the weekend and we went out to dinner the following day. She's called me twice, but with both of our schedules we only have time to see each other on the weekend and was wondering what people thought as if it would work or not? Also I was looking for some second date ideas and where to go next. I haven't dated anyone for almost a year and half now and I am kinda nervous about and trying to tell how she feels as I really loved every moment with her.New date advice?
Well, it will work, if you both work at it.

Take her ice skating, rock climbing, swimming at the Y, or to a movie she really wants to see. Those are all really adventurous and hopefully you two will enjoy it! If none of those sound good, just take her to something that she likes - - a hobby of hers or soemthing. Good luck!New date advice?
Yes it can work. there is always phone. Ad as far as a 2 date try the movies, something she would like to see. Be patient if it is going to work out, you guys will figure out to have luncg or meet for coffee hang in there.
Well, you should try and see what she wants to do. If she wants to go to the movies, then go see the hottest movie out right now. If she wants to have a romantic dinner at some italian place, then go with a craving for spaghetti. Don't be shy. If you think that this girl's nice, then just act normal and like yourself around her. If you and her feel comfortable around each other, then don't hide anything. Just express yourself. If she thinks you're pretty cool, then keep hanging out with her and ask her on dates regularly. That's all I can think of right now. ttyl
Don't move too fast. Act like you are interested but not desperate. If you guys keep ';hitting it off'; soon you will know if she likes you, and at least you might score some intimate time together as good friends. Be happy with it as it comes, don't rush it.

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